A thing called Trits

Here in Costa Rica they have this thing called Trits, which is an ice cream sandwich cookie-type thing that’s awesome and amazing, and not just because you desperate for some cool relief in the tropical heat. It comes in a little tub that looks like this:

The delicious tub of Trits

You pop it open, and you can either use a spoon to eat it directly out to the tub, or you can flip it upside down and the entire cookie sandwich plops down into your hand.

There’s usually another half-sandwich there, I just couldn’t wait. 

You take a bite, and the sugary goodness hits you. There’s the cheap vanilla ice cream, a layer of chocolate syrup, and a perfectly chewy cookie on either side that’s salted to offset the sweetness of the ice cream filling. For me the cookie is the best part, but all together in one bite is where everything really shines.

Though they’re a bit expensive (900+ colones or $1.80+ USD), Stoytcho and I have had nearly half a dozen since we discovered them 4 days ago, and I’m already looking for ways to replicate them when I get back to the States since of course there’s only one guy in the U.S. that has a permit to import them and he’s in New Jersey.

Want to try one? Here’s a recipe for them, although I have three suggestions for improvement:

  1. Use ingredient substitutions to make the cookie softer, for example by subbing white sugar for brown sugar. Serious Eats has some suggestions here. You could also sub in margarine for butter, since this is what Trits officially uses.
  2. Add salt to the cookie. I’ve never encountered a cookie recipe without salt (unless it used salted peanut butter). Even if crushed graham cracker is the base, consider adding 1/8 to 1/4 tsp salt.
  3. Don’t forget the layer of chocolate syrup! The standard Hershey’s will work here, and for a Trits it goes only on the inside of one cookie, although you’re making your own so do what you want. Go crazy and put it on both! Or you could sub it out for some homemade/store-bought dulce de leche or cajeta (provided it’s something that doesn’t get too hard/chewy with freezing).


– Natalie


2 thoughts on “A thing called Trits

  1. I printed the recipe and your suggestions, Natalie. Are the raw eggs in the ice cream safe to eat after freezing?
    I’ll try to make some for the neighbors for Christmas. And, of course, I hope you’ll make some for us when you come back. Thank you 🙂


    1. I found how to make ice cream without an ice cream maker in the second volume of Julia Child’s and Simone Beck’s book. Will try it but also will buy regular vanilla ice cream, just in case. Be well, guys. 🙂


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