Overnight Interim in Lima

Today’s post is brought to you by an overnight layover in Lima’s Jorge Chávez International Airport. We’ve left the Galapagos and our luxury cruise with more comfort and relaxation than we imagined, and it’s onward to Cusco.
Right now we’re trapped outside of security, waiting for clearance to enter which is given to people on domestic flights starting at 1:30 am. This airport is unique in that it was clearly designed to host far fewer flights than it currently does, and perhaps originally only domestic flights, because the airport layout makes no sense and it’s all one loopy terminal. Layer on the problem that all flights to Cusco are in the early morning and the airport staff have this odd insistence at cleaning the airport section by section at 11 pm, and you get a whole lot of nomadic overnighters with nowhere to go. Gaze upon us, the unwashed masses!


It’s now 7:11 am. We made it past security to get a few hours of sleep in the domestic airport lounge. Thank goodness we have Priority Pass membership through our magic credit card. Boarding in T minus 44 minutes, so see you in Cusco.

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