A Bug in WordPress for Android

I discovered an unfortunate thing about the WordPress Android app today: it has a bug in version control checking. I published this post last night, but happend to leave a draft of it open on my phone. When I opened up the WordPress app again, it pulled up this draft, and poof-the app un-published the post and erased all of my revisions. I couldn’t fix it from the phone, as there didn’t seem to be any options to look through previous versions. There also seemed to be a problem when I checked the desktop client; somehow the push from the app removed access to the previous versions. After searching for answers, I finally found that I could view previous versions of the post in Chrome, found the correct one, and reverted to that. All in all, only a couple of hours lost, but all of the work is back.
It’s always nasty to lose one’s work, so I feel lucky in that sense. I’m not sure if WordPress just doesn’t check timestamps when choosing the latest version (which would be a terrible design choice) or there’s a bug in the app for Android. This is also a good reminder to avoid assuming that all applications have the excellent version tracking and version conflict handling found in Evernote and Microsoft’s OneNote. I’ll be switching to drafting posts in Evernote for now to ensure this won’t happen again. If anyone else has any recommendations/suggestions for a better place to draft posts, I’d love to hear them, and hopefully they fix this bug soon.

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