Animal Shenanigans: Awkward Booby Says Hi

The blue-footed boobies have it rough. After all, they’re called boobies, and they got that name from the Spanish for their ineptitude while on land. (So, uh, thanks Spain for a 100+ years of boobies jokes.)
But what if you’re not only a booby, but the awkward booby? Well, we found him and this what his* life is like.
Ok, ok. These are the cool birds. I just gotta act real smooth and say hi. Then they’ll think I’m cool,  right?
Ok, just turning my head slowly. Act cool, act cool…ok, ready?
“HI GUYS!!!”
I give him points for trying, at least.
*In this case I CAN say with high confidence that this bird is a guy. Turns out you can tell a booby’s gender by the size of the bird’s pupils, so bring that to your next dinner party conversation.

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