Regular people of Cusco

After our adventures in Aguas Calientes and Machu Picchu, we’re back in Cusco! We’ll be moving on to Arequipa soon, but here’s a tribute to the wonderful regular folks of Cusco. While we travellers pass through the city to see the sights, these people work here every day as vendors, cleaners, and builders. So if you visit and see these folks, give them your thanks.

A worker maintaining the ruins of Tambomachay outside of the city
Poeple chat in the Plaza de Armas between selling tour packages to visitors


A fruit market in the southwest part of the city
Fruit vendors at a market in the southwest part of the city
Two women collect and empty garbage bins near Mercado San Pedro
A worker carries supplies and children play in Mercado San Pedro
Construction workers demonstrate on the street near Plaza de Armas

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