Travel in the time of Trump: Arica, Chile

One of the interesting parts of our trip is finding out how the world reacts to President Donald Trump. We get to see the situation on the ground and hear from normal people, far from the rhetoric of politics. Since this isn’t a point of view you normally hear, these experiences provide insight into how things in the world have changed since the election. These posts won’t have as many pictures, they won’t be as touristy, and they may be uncomfortable.

The cityscape of Arica

After spending the night near the bus terminal, we moved toward the town’s center to get a cheaper room. Stoytcho wasn’t doing so well in the desert heat, so I left him with the bags in the shade of a building while I went off to ask for room prices. In the meantime, he had an interesting encounter with a passing old man:

Old man: Where are you from?

Stoytcho: The United States

Old man: Ah, Trump! Very good. You like Trump?

Stoytcho: No, not really…

The old man looked surprised.

Old man: Oh, why? I think Trump will be good. Trump will be good for the United States!

Stoytcho: Yeah, I don’t know. I don’t think so.

Old man: Well, ok.

The old man then shuffled off awkwardly, and I arrived a few minutes later for Stoytcho to recount the story. We’re not exactly sure what the old man thought about Trump on policy specifics, but know that there’s someone out there (outside the U.S.) who thinks Trump will make America great again.

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