Taumarunui: An adorable non-touristy NZ town

Sitting at the start of the Forgotten World HighwayTaumarunui is a drive-through town for most New Zealand roadtrippers. The main road is armed with a McDonald’s and a gas station, meaning most people stop there and never venture further. But in exploring the town for a few hours, we found that it has small-town NZ charm without the touristy kitsch, and we loved it. Here are some photos, a reminder of why it’s great to sometimes stop at places not on the tourist docket:

NZ police officers stop by a stall selling clothes and plants during the weekly market.
A stone memorial with a top hat is the chance to take cute pictures.
Local meat pies! This one is the chicken and vegetable, a salty chicken stew encased in a crisp, crusty pocket.
Taller than you: Stoytcho (193 cm) stares up at a giant moa sculpture sponsored by the Rotary Club and constructed of found wood pieces.
A lighthearted PSA in the town’s park
The park playground, which has PERFECT swings that fit children and children-at-heart (like us)

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