Sands of an Erosion Dreamscape

A dead tree, engulfed by the sandblow

Somewhere along the vast Australian coastline, a giant is creeping. Grain by grain, the giant oozes further inland, engulfing trees and burying forests. Its particles whip free, tumbling through the air and over the precipice until they come to rest at the giant’s pseudopod. And we as we walk along the giant’s back, feet sinking into its visceral mass, we brace ourselves against the air that shapes this strange dreamscape with erosion.  One day, the giant will engulf a city. But for now, it is content to nibble upon the land and the occasional contents of a human pocket, buried and preserved in the endless sand.

Human tracks across the surface of the sandblow


Not a bush: the sandblow slowly engulfs a tree as it moves inland each year


Patterns of erosion over sandstone embedded in the dune


A view of a neighboring dune through a hole worn into the sandstone rock


Wind erodes the sandstone formation on the dune’s side, creating holes and tunnels


An exercise in irony: a silica packet recently devoured by the dune


Multicolored sandstone and limestone deposits jut from the giant’s backside


A line of black sandstone drawn in the dune sand, slowly weathering away


A close-up of weathering patterns in sandstone


Little spoils: manmade items (aka trash) collected from the dune


The rocky, steep back of the giant, with the Pacific Ocean in the background

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