Signs from Australia

We’ve seen some really funny signs here in Australia. Most of them are advertisements, some of them are clever, and some of them are pretty cheeky:

A campaign to clean up rubbish in Sydney’s trainsit systems via insults.
Cute, but it doesn’t deaden the pain of Australia’s exorbitant internet fees.
Yeah, I don’t think an advert like this would ever make it to print in the States.

Then there are the traffic signs, which are hilarious only because they’re overbearing and detailed to the point of making no sense:

When can you park? For how long?! The mystery only deepends when you realize there’s a parked car under the sign.

The sign above isn’t unique. We saw tons of signs like this as we drove from Brisbane to Sydney, with so much detail it made them impossible to read as you approached. And if the sign content wasn’t overload, then the number of signs was. We didn’t get a photograph of it, but out near Oberon we found a series of three signs to warn of a bend in the road. There were several yellow arrows (like those used to denote a curve in the road), a sign with ‘TURN’ printed on it, and a caution sign, all clustered together in 1o meters. How do you even process that many signs at once while trying to concentrate on the road?!

We aren’t alone in noticing Australia’s road sign clutter and you can see a plethora of Australian road signs here. So give us a sign, Australia. But just one.

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