Borobudur Jumping Spiders

I haven’t captivated/delighted/enchanted/thrilled/terrified you with jumping spider photos recently! We haven’t seen many since New Zealand, but Borobudur turned out to have several. They were going about their business, but I managed to enlist a few for photoshoots.


This little spider on one of the bas-reliefs stopped for only a moment before hopping away.



Likewise, this jumping spider on an educational sign showed little interest in me or the camera.



This little spider stuck around for a while and loved the camera.


Here s/he is again…


And off, saying goodbye. Judging from the abdomen shape, I’d guess this was a female.


Again, I got little interest here. “Scram! I’m eating lunch.” I managed to get only one good shot before s/he backed away into a corner.


And remember, spiders are friends, not foot-stomping material. They’ll thank you by eating all of those flies and mosquitos that *bug* you so much. (HAHAHA…I regret nothing.)

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