Halfway through our year of travel

Edit: this was of 2017/04/30

Our gorgeous appetizer of smoked meats, fruits, and veg.

Guess what today is? Halfway day! As of today, April 30 2017, we are halfway through our year of travels. We’re celebrating by going to a fancy restaurant tonight, Da Nang’s fusion restaurant Fatfish. Stoytcho is having the braised duck breast, the beer tasting flight, and a Vietnamese coffee, while I’m having the duck leg over noodles and a dessert of crème brulee.

The duck leg at Fatfish.
The duck breast at Fatfish.

It also happens to be Reunification day in Vietnam, so there are huge crowds gathered at the riverbank and there’s a celebration with fireworks during our dinner.

The street chaos as a car tries to turn around on a street full of pedestrians and people on motorbikes, post-fireworks display.
Decorations for Reunification Day.

To six more months of good travel!


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