Hiking with the club in Hong Kong

A caterpillar of the Black-veined Burnet Moth.

When travelling, you’re often in a strange land among strangers and things can get lonely. Sure, strangers are just friends you haven’t met, but sometimes it’s hard to know how to connect. If you’re ever in this position, look up a local club for your hobby! We did this in Hong Kong and ended up embarking on a six hour hike across the island of Lantau with some folks from Roz’s Hiking Pages, who were some of the loveliest people we’ve ever met.

Our trail wound through fishing villages, along the seashore, and into dense undergrowth full of bugs of all sorts! It’s easy to forget that Hong Kong is near tropical when you’re standing in the city—the only reminder is the oppressive heat. But out on Launtau, insects and spiders in all colors, shapes, and sizes slinked, slithered, and scrambled across the living world. Unafraid, our kind hiking hosts pointed out those they knew, like the Admiral butterfly and the golden orb weavers. It was good to be among friends.

Setting out for the hike from a town on Lantau, beneath flags celebrating the upcoming Dragon Boat Races.
The town at the start of the hike.
A woman gathers something from the seashore, with the incomplete bridge from Hong Kong to Macau in the background.
A jumping spider (Salticidae) greets us along the way. This little one is probably in the genus Rhene, perhaps Rhene flavigera, from that prominent brow and flat head.
A brightly-colored tiger beetle (Cicindela).
A golden silk orb-weaver (Nephila pilipes) repairs her web after damage.
Nature retakes an abandoned building along the trail.
A Large Faun Butterfly (Faunis emeus) camouflages itself amongst the fallen leaves.
An caterpillar of unknown species.
A bagworm moth caterpillar (Psychidae) peeks out from its home of twigs and silk.
A wasp eats from the remains of a cicada that failed to molt.
The lighting makes individual scales visible (green) on this Chinese Peacock (Papilio bianor).
An iridescent green beetle (further information unknown).
A man waits for the ferry boat to make landing, with the city in the background.

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