Flowers of Lake Baikal

Mid summer is not a great season for flowering plants in general but we still plenty along the trail. We bought a book on flowers in southern Siberia, including the Baikal Region. Unfortunately, that book is not with me right now, but I will update this post with names once I get it. IMG_20170708_180501IMG_20170708_150605 IMG_20170708_140419IMG_20170708_122943 IMG_20170708_113250IMG_20170708_113147 IMG_20170708_111155

IMG_20170708_105219 IMG_20170708_104930IMG_20170708_104853IMG_20170708_104538 IMG_9647IMG_9567IMG_9395

These shots didn’t come out quite as good, but I’m leaving them here for future identification.

IMG_9444IMG_20170708_151622 IMG_20170708_104903IMG_20170708_171334IMG_20170710_114404IMG_20170708_170711

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