Some tips on Quito’s Metrobuses

A map of Quito’s Metrobus system

While we were in Quito, we took Metrobuses everywhere. The MetrobusQ system is easy to navigate, since it’s an official city system and not a collection of collectivos. It’s also fast because buses have their own dedicated lane on most streets, freeing them from the usual traffic snarls in rush hour. And it’s cheap–while a taxi costs $2.00 to cover a few kilometers, the bus costs $0.25 per ride regardless of distance (as of December 2016). Since the Metrobus system is so awesome, below are 3 tips to help you get started using it:

  1. Quito’s Metrobus lines are on Google Maps: This makes trip planning on the metro system super easy. Just go to Google Maps and type in your destination, then select the public transportation option.
  2. The official bus lines mostly travel north or south: Quito is a narrow city that stretches north(ish) and south(ish) because it’s situated between mountains. Bus lines primarily travel on major streets along this long north-south axis. This means it can be difficult to head east or west using the Metrobus. You’re better off walking or catching a cab in these cases, unless you can figure out the less formal bus routes.
  3. Riding a bus across the city takes 2 hours: A route from the southernmost stop for buses (Terminal Terrestre Quitumbe) to the northernmost stop (Terminal Terrestre Carcelén) takes 2 hours, while riding a bus from the Mariscal Sucre/Plaza Foch area to either of these places takes about 1 hour.

Happy traveling!

Posing with my favorite Metrobus station. Seriously, say the name out loud and try not to smile. It’s SO HAPPY!

Photos: Out and about in Sydney

We’re making final prerations to leave Sydney on Tuesday for Jakarta, so the blog post backlog is taking a back seat to travel planning. In the meantime, here are some photos of life in Sydney, where we’ve spent the past month:

Stoytcho cleans mud from his shoes after a hiking trip.
A miner bird steals thread to build a nest
Rainbow thread exhibit by Megan Geckler at The Customs House in Circular Quay
A sailboat in Sydney harbor
Weekend visitors to Bondi Beach
An “Oh my Lorde” donut from Doughnut Time. The company’s website boasts the following description for this creation: “Vanilla and passionfruit glaze, topped with meringue, freeze-dried strawberries, raspberry powder and party curls!”
A man watches the sky
The ceiling of the Central Park Mall
Advertisement at a metro station
The moon rises over the Newtown metro stop
The alleyway entrance to Sappho’s Books and Wine Bar
A street near the warehouses of Marrickville